Our beginning

Founded in 2019, CORE THEORY™ is a public benefit corporation making software for the greater good.

Our story began with a vision creating original mobile, desktop, and console games with compelling stories and immersive gameplay that inspire and connect with gamers.

This led us to make a PC arcade game, Paper Space® Arcade, and develop a full-fledged Paper Space® IP and Paper Universe.

However, our small 2-person (1-person developer) team realized that we would not be able to complete our vision for Paper Space® in a reasonable amount of time (for our studio to be viable) with our limited time (starting a family). So, our studio has pivoted to include software development. We built our co-founder's website using Ruby on Rails and are in development of a social connection app utilizing Elixir and Phoenix.

If you are interested in a smorgasbord of topics: from startups, privacy, the PETAL developer stack, society and science, to family and relationships, then you will find something worth listening to here. Join me, Mark, as I share this wild journey with you and the things learned along the way (including the mistakes).

A public benefit corporation

My partner and I started Core Theory with a commitment to supporting community benefit programs and organizations with our annual revenues and time. So, first step is securing a healthy monthly recurring revenue to enable us to do exactly that.

We've partnered with multiple renowned non-profit organizations (including The Land Institute, Wild Salmon Center, Pacific Forest Trust, and SAVE) as well as offset our annual carbon emissions and taken the pledge with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

We are also proud to be a Certified B Corp Pending company.

Thank you

None of this would be possible without incredible support from John & Cindy, Justin & Jon from Transistor.fm, and our amazing supporters on Patreon.

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