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Mark talks about an awesome feature of Metamorphic's Portals that keeps them super secure without you having to think about it. Also, privacy news from the DuckDuckGo privacy newsletter, surveillance capitalism, Metamorphic alternatives, and company changes.

The old country trail

Mark talks privacy, Metamorphic updates (Early Access sign ups are now live!), books to read this summer, and his and Sara's upcoming cross-country road trip.

The springs of March

Mark talks parenting and startup tips, shares remote work books, news, and more. Happy Women's History month!

The wind is a'blowing

Mark shares updates on Metamorphic, the latest big tech news concerning the upcoming U.S. anti-trust case against G*****, new Patreon merchandise, and snippets about the design of the relationship system powering Metamorphic.

A grateful transformation

Core Theory co-founder and CEO, Mark Thayer, takes a nap break to give thanks and share updates on the company, Metamorphic, and adopting the "shape up" method of work from Basecamp.

Change is in the air

Startup co-founders and new parents, Mark & Sara, take a nap break to talk about all the change in the air for their company, personal lives, the world, and offer 3 tips for new parents and working from home.


Trailer for our first epsidode of Well!

Hello World - An Introduction to the sidestep.

Startup co-founders and partners, Mark & Sara, talk about their recent sidestep in their very first episode.

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